BELLIN: The First Twenty Years

Written by Henry Martin. Posted in Companies of Excellence

BELLIN was founded in 1998 by Martin Bellin. To this day, he remains CEO and the driving force behind this German global consulting and software provider for treasury management solutions.As the company celebrates its twentieth anniversary, we take a look at its journey over two decades and its evolution into a company of excellence. During the period in question, BELLIN has been pivotal in elevating the importance of the treasury function, helping to transition it from a specialised discipline to a group-wide task, with the capacity to bring huge benefits to companies.

In his early work as a corporate treasurer Martin Bellin found himself unable to take a comprehensive global view of operations with the tools at his disposal. This inspired him to ‘take the plunge’ and create his own distinctive treasury management solution. His zealous conviction in the merits of what he was offering saw corporate doors eventually start to open, as MNCs came to see just what was possible with a truly global platform. Since then, a series of pioneering and innovative solutions have ensured BELLIN has gone from strength to strength. It has remained not just relevant in the treasury space, but nothing less than indispensable, as time and again its innovations have become industry standard.

While BELLIN is synonymous with pioneering technology, the knowledge brought to bear to realise these breakthroughs is as much a part of the story. Whether in respect of liquidity management, intercompany reconciliation, global multi-currency risk management, BELLIN’s accomplishments in these areas carry the mark of experts. That said, BELLIN’stechnological achievements have precipitated such marked step changes within organisations, it would be remiss of us not to draw the spotlight on to what many consider to be its jewel in the crown on this front; namely, tm5.  

This treasury management system is marked by its fully integrated and operationally efficient status and low total cost of ownership. It has been developed around web-based, SaaS technology, has highly configurable user rights to ensure organisational and functional segregation of duty and comes with zero per-user license fees, such that clients can grow without fear of increased financial burden. Since its inception, BELLIN’s ambitions have been governed by a desire to consolidate and connect, increase efficiency and ultimately, provide added value to all group companies.

That it has been successful in its endeavours is evidenced in the recognition of its status as a driver of industry development and of the plethora of long-term business relationships it has in place. Moreover, its ‘Load Balanced Treasury’ concept allows for all subsidiaries to be actively involved and introduces functionality for the likes of cash management, payments and financial contracts. It enhances communication and information flow, empowers the workforce, acts to bridge the gap between business units and legal entities and ultimately makes for a global business in practice, as well as in name.

The introduction of a single platform, giving access to information in one single database and application in real time, has also now brought a dedicated treasury within affordable reach of many mid-sized companies, allowing for the automation of global data collection, the enforcement of groupwide rules and compliance and the enhancement of transparency, for the greater good of any organisation and its stakeholders. And, the pace of innovation shows no sign of slowing down, either. For example, 2017 saw BELLIN’s commitment to prioritising client security embodied in the BELLIN Security Promise, in addition to the introduction of its Global Transaction Banking (GTB) offering, which enhances the capacity of organisations to approach business both globally and holistically. Furthermore, it continued to enter new markets, such as those in Japan and various African countries, as well as expanding its reach in core European and US markets on the back of significant new investment. More on all these developments next time round.

It would be no exaggeration to say that in its first twenty years BELLIN has acted to revolutionise the treasury function, changing its role within the organisation to be an integral part of corporate finance. BELLIN has become a byword for pragmatic, efficient treasury management solutions: a company of excellence for its pioneering enhanced treasury solutions; for its capacity to deliver more accurate, automated data collection, so affording greater compliance to rules and regulations and more transparency at every stage; and for its quantifiable ability to lead to reduced costs and a healthier bottom line. Long may it prosper.

Pictured: Martin Bellin

BELLIN was founded in 1998 by Martin Bellin, a corporate treasurer, in Ettenheim, Germany, and today consists of over 150 employees focused on creating solutions that reflect the pragmatic, efficient nature of German engineering. 

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