Cloud Computing Changing the Game for Small Businesses

Written by Fergal Hogan on . Posted in Innovation

Small businesses looking to improve efficiency are increasingly finding that every cloud has a silver lining. Indeed, cloud computing, which is IT jargon for accessing applications as services over the internet, is becoming a game changer for many small companies, allowing them to access a growing number of innovative services that are easy to manage, provide transparent pricing and will scale up as a business grows.  In addition to embracing cloud computing, small companies are also using Skype and video conferencing to boost their responsiveness, support consultants working in the field and expand the business.

Better Business

Written by Ana Sánchez Tejada on . Posted in Innovation

Andalucía, a successful Biotech cluster in the South of Europe. 

Thanks to its strategy initiatives based on innovation development and the strong  commitment of the Andalusian Regional Government, Andalucía offers better business opportunities for global companies looking for new competitive  locations as well as for undergoing innovative projects in strategic sectors, such as Aerospace, Biotechnology, ICT, Renewable Energies, among others.

Time to think again about biotech plants and foods

Written by Carel du Marchie Sarvaas on . Posted in Innovation

Crops and foods developed using biotechnology have been dismissed by many people in Europe. But there are many good reasons why it’s time to reconsider - here are five. 1) Biotech plants are part of the solution to the greatest challenge of our generation – hunger. 2) Scare-mongering claims by anti-groups have turned out to be untrue and people’s opinions are mellowing. 3) The world is adopting biotech crops at an incredible pace. 4) Biotech crops play an important role in the developing world. 5) They provide solutions to environmental problems.


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