The World’s Most Exclusive Watchmaker

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JS Watch, a collaboration of Master watch maker, collector and high end designer was established in 2005 and its dedication to the highest standards of horology mean it is now recognised as an exceptionally desirable, high end timepiece, combining superb movements, highest quality materials with top design. A small business with a philosophy to create and sell ‘only the very best’ has seen JS watches rise in stature with watch collectors, enthusiasts and connoisseurs all enjoying the finest quality limited edition watches around their wrists.

It is probably the world’s smallest watchmaker, located in a very small shop in one of the world’s smallest countries, Iceland and yet they produce the most exquisitely crafted and sought-after hand made watches. In this era of electronic, battery-powered watches, you might expect that automatic mechanical watches had passed into history. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a greater demand for high quality timepieces that will outlast the temporary electronic watch phenomenon. You can be defined by your choices.

Tailor Made

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Henry Martin speaks with Gerardo Garcia, CEO. Barents RE

CEO Insight: Can you give us an introduction to Barents Re?

Gerardo Garcia: We established Barents Re in Panama in 1996 and over the past two decades we have built a reputation as a leading specialty and niche reinsurer that has delivered consistently strong financial results.

We are underwriters first and foremost. Our entrepreneurial culture, coupled with an experienced management team, allows us to identify and respond quickly to opportunities. The expertise of our specialty underwriting teams and their knowledge of our markets, products and clients enables us to offer innovative solutions. We offer bespoke products and services individually tailored to our clients’ needs.

Doing it Right

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 "Social Sustainability Leader-MENA Region Reinsurance Partner of the Year-Americas"

The current global trend to integrate sustainability principles into business processes has gone well beyond the concerns of reputation management. Social, economic and environmental upheavals in the 21st century have led businesses across the world to prioritise sustainability at the heart of their business agendas.  The idea that the social responsibility of a business is limited to contributing a portion of profits to community development initiatives is no longer a sufficient means to tackle the sustainable development agenda. 

As the leading financial services corporation in the MENA region, EFG Hermes is committed to leading by example and communicating the importance of sustainable business practices both internally and externally. Management has clearly articulated that achieving sustainability goals goes hand in hand with achieving our operational targets; thus, we have taken significant steps to establish a business model that can strike a balance between responsible economic growth and sustainability-oriented business practice. 

Private Equity For Your Wallet And Your Heart

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Xeon International focuses on value creation capacities in major International markets. Its focus on business value creation is supported by global experience in a wide range of industries. Xeon looks at early stage emerging markets with good headroom for development, by selecting high-quality investments with strong growth and integration potential. It has a strong focus on socially responsible corporate investment. In the interview below, Yves Duponselle and Giancarlo d’Elia of Xeon describe how they are catering to a new generation of socially responsible investors. 

1 Corporate social responsibility has emerged as a prominent theme in the wake of successive financial crises. What is the next-generation investor calling for? 

YD: We have observed that in today’s market, a third-millennium investor typology has emerged, focusing on investing in projects that benefit society. That caused us to rethink value creation today. We went back to the fundamentals of the value creation process, and the cornerstone of our thinking was to redefine the terms of good investment. We concluded that we needed to expand the profit generation objective to include other considerations.

Interview with Daniele Guidi, CEO of Banca CIS- Credito Industriale Sammarinese

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1. How do you ensure continual product and service improvements for customers?

In line with our long history of Private Banking expertise, Banca CIS attention is focused on continuous improvement of product and service for customer. Today, the Bank boasts 90 collaborators, a major business network in the country and internationally. Its extensive presence in the republic is most definitely highly beneficial for local savers and investors and also results in strong support for cultural, sports and social initiatives widely popular. In the framework of a deep reorganization of Bank structure, the Private and Investment Banking development unit has been reinforced with a few managers, with prestigious curriculum and high-level professional networks.


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