Vienna on Top

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Interview with Gerhard Hirczi Managing Director of Invest in Vienna

For more than 30 years, Vienna Business Agency has actively supported the development of Vienna as a business location. As the first contact point for national and international companies, it offers financial support, real estate and consulting. Its goal is to strengthen Viennese companies and their innovative activities as well as the sustainable modernisation of Vienna as a business location in order to expand its international competitiveness. It supports Viennese businesses whose company investments can be financed by the City of Vienna. Its programs, by way of grants, are mainly targeted at small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups.

Bank on Chile

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Interview with Daniel Subelman A. Managing Director Head of Capital Markets Banco Penta

Based in Santiago, Banco Penta provides commercial banking and other services to large companies and corporations in Chile. It operates in two areas: Investment Banking, and Company and Corporate Banking. The bank offers various products and services, including mutual and investment funds, shares, term and demand deposits, fixed-rate and derivative instruments, foreign currency, and investment advisory services, as well as foreign investment and portfolio management services to high-net-worth clients and institutional investors.

The Art of Business

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An interview with Issa Abdul Salam Abu-Issa  the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Salam International Investments Ltd

Based in Qatar, Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL) is a leading conglomerate with a highly focused approach to establishing, incorporating, acquiring, and owning enterprises. It has a track record of consistent entrepreneurship, innovation, performance, reliability and customer satisfaction. SIIL aims to become one of the most successful diversified public companies in the Middle East and an inspiring example for regional family groups.

New Finance Solutions

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Interview with Dr. Faisal Khazaal of Elite capital & Co Ltd

1. Can you give us a brief overview of the company’s history and the type of clients it works with?

Elite Capital’s history actually goes back to four years before its incorporation. Following my decision in 2005 and 2006 to move Deals Secure Group Holding Co. GP to the USA,  and shortly afterwards my decision to move Dr. Faisal Khazaa, LLD. Law Group LP, a unique professional relationship was forged between our Law Group and the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Orthodox Church, under which we became their legal adviser in the Americas in 2009.

Get the knowledge

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An interview with Javier Diez Head of Wealth Management at BBVA Bancomer

BBVA Bancomer is the largest financial institution in Mexico, with about 20% market share. Founded in 1932 as Banco de Comercio (Bancomer), its main stockholder has been Spanish bank BBVA since 2000. BBVA Bancomer, through its preferred customers' unit, was the first bank in Mexico to cater to the special needs of foreign residents and visitors. Now, with Latin America fast emerging as a financial centre for private banking, BBVA Bancomer is targeting a new generation of high-net-worth individuals who want to protect and, ultimately, expand their wealth. We talked to the bank about its new unit for wealthy individuals. 


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