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We speak with Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho, ISEG MBA Executive Director
ISEG Executive Education.

CEO Insight: The ISEG MBA programme has introduced five Strategic Streams alongside the traditional MBA core syllabus. Global Futures, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Technology Disruption, Design & Agility and Sustainability & Governance are the additional study topics, allowing students to explore and expand their knowledge in vital subjects. Can you tell CEO Insight readers more about this restructure and about the individual streams?

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho: The leaders of a complex and unpredictable future need to master multiple domains. The ISEG MBA aims to strengthen the cohort’s management and behavioural skills so they can become leaders with a global and holistic view of companies and the business world. To achieve this ambitious goal, the ISEG MBA combines the core management disciplines (across all functional areas) with a Leadership Journey, complemented with a Personal Development Plan, and a set of strategic streams.

CEO Insight: What particular skills will the Strategic Streams enable participants to master and what additional benefits can they expect?

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho: These streams were specially designed to meet the challenges of the future, giving our students the necessary tools to keep up with the information and make knowledgeable decisions. They will be able to understand the world’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, learn how technology is impacting the world and creating new opportunities, while discovering how to implement agility in their organisations, and have an overview of the main sustainability issues.

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho

CEO Insight: Can you inform our readers of the distinguished Global Partners who are involved in the programme? How will these Partners enhance the MBA?

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho: We work with dynamic and innovative partners, each associated with different streams and experiences, to develop the best course programmes for the students.

For the Global Futures Stream, we have two partners: The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is a non-profit, independent institute, globally-oriented, that advises customers and member organisations on a strategic level all over the world; and the World Economic Forum, an Institution that helps to explore and act on the most important driving forces that are currently affecting and shaping economies, industries and organisations world-wide.

Startup Lisboa, a non-profit association, supports the creation of companies and their first years of activity and provides entrepreneurs with office space as well as a support structure – mentoring, strategic partnerships and perks, access to investment, networking activities and a community based on knowledge and sharing. The University of San Francisco, is one of the most prestigious Universities in the world works closely to the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Market. These two partners complement the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Stream and our Immersive Experiences in Lisbon and San Francisco.

“ISEG MBA’s programme was developed to help its students overcome future challenges and uncertainty through frameworks that allow them to create and explore numerous scenarios.”

Técnico Lisboa, one of the best Engineering schools in Europe, represents a partnership between our Business School – ISEG Lisbon School of Economics and Management, and the biggest Engineering School in Portugal, opening doors for collaborative and innovative projects, joining technology and business, in the Digital Disruption Stream.

The Portuguese Air Force Academy, a cohesive, disciplined and agile institution, focused on the mission will transmit the importance of values of teamwork and good and strategic leadership to our cohort of students, in a weekend in one of their Bases in Portugal.

Lastly, the partner for the Design & Agility Stream, With Company, is a company “committed to improving individuals, organisations and ecosystems, in order to (re)question societal needs and drive the company to better futures”.

CEO Insight: The ISEG MBA programme has also been enriched with a Leadership & Personal Development process. What does this involve and what was the rationale behind this addition?

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho: The ISEG MBA Leadership & Personal Development process is about challenging the student, examining who they truly are, and reflecting about their leadership development potential. With tailored coaching sessions they will design a Personal Development Plan and craft their unique signature as a leader, to impact business, people, and society.

CEO Insight: In the current Covid-19 landscape, fear and trepidation are commonplace. What new tools and skills does the ISEG MBA programme offer students to combat the anxiety of facing an unpredictable future? How can the programme help participants achieve a resilient, future-proofed business?

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho: ISEG MBA’s programme was developed to help its students overcome future challenges and uncertainty through frameworks that allow them to create and explore numerous scenarios.

The Global Futures Stream provides new tools to make better decisions in an increasingly uncertain and complex future, with the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a strategic partner, that invites students to explore and act on the most important driving forces that are currently affecting and shaping economies, industries and organisations world-wide.

This stream also relies on a partnership with the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS), an independent global advisory think tank, with the aim of facilitating the decision-making process in your organisation through scenario planning, megatrend analysis, risk management, innovation and strategy.

CEO Insight: The ISEG MBA programme is one of the most visionary and innovative learning experiences in Europe. It is also highly immersive. Can you elaborate on some of the immersive experiences available on the course?

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho: In the beginning of the MBA, the group will have a two-day experience in the Portuguese Air Force Academy, where they will engage in leadership training activities focused on improving teamwork, facilitating better communication and increasing team cohesion.

Later in the programme they will immerse themselves in Lisbon Entrepreneurial Network and in Silicon Valley, having the opportunity to visit, not only big and established companies but also small start-ups, and to follow their daily activities, challenges, and achievements.

For more information: www.idefe.pt