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Zinnovate International: the brainchild of a man struck by the inefficiency and conservatism he encountered over many years working around freight and logistics.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden and driven by Håkan Nilsson, a true global visionary activist, this uber-lean, inspirational and inventive IT and management consultancy has been central in catalysing the transformation of an industry to make it fighting fit for the 21st century.

A pioneering agent of change, Zinnovate has introduced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions into a notoriously resistant environment. This is disruption by digital with a human face.

Marked by globalisation and the harmonisation and scaling up of systems, processes and organisation, the company has been consistent in its message that to become ‘breakthrough’, innovation must encompass all stakeholders, as opposed to being solely an internal company matter.

To achieve its objectives, Zinnovate strongly advocates partnerships with a network of best in class technology providers, which has afforded it a global presence. For example, in teaming up with Yellowfin, it has been able to offer SMEs enterprise quality BI at a price they can accommodate, so reducing complexity and providing access to premium functionality and versatility.

Whether in respect of process automation, integration or BI, the company’s innovative partnerships are fuelled by an objective to deliver customer growth. Stand-out partnerships to date have included those with xWare, WiseTech Global and and Greencarrier, to name but a few, all helping to deliver real market solutions with very tangible benefits.

“Zinnovate is the embodiment of a proactive rather than reactive organisation and has been very successful in building shareholder value through innovation and optimisation of processes and systems solutions.”


Zinnovate is now bringing its gospel of transformative digital change to another industry slow to adopt change: banking and finance. With an approach that places business process, integrated IT portfolio analysis and customised IT services centre stage, it is turning heads there too. In so doing, it is uniting seemingly disparate functional silos, such as operations, finance and customer systems, to create improved insights and the capacity to react swiftly to changes in the market.

Zinnovate is about knowledge transfer and empowerment, maintaining that its solutions are only as good as the people implementing them, so combining digital tools with human interaction. Moreover, for an interconnected world, it firmly believes an interconnected solution is the only one worth pursuing, recognising that only by thinking big, can we make the challenge small.

Zinnovate is the embodiment of a proactive rather than reactive organisation and has been very successful in building shareholder value through innovation and optimisation of processes and systems solutions. While leveraging the strengths its core team can deliver, its strategy of teaming up with partners with alternative expertise to achieve game-changing global results has been very much vindicated.

‘Zinnovate the Disruptor’ sounds like a superhero – and to those it has helped, this company is just that; focusing not only on hard tech and analytics, but also organisation, systems and team dynamics, to deliver a new paradigm for transport and logistics. This has meant that while the logistics market is being besieged from all directions by new digital business models, Zinnovate’s holistic results-driven approach, built upon meaningful partnerships, is quantifiably fuelling next-generation growth and innovation across the entire value chain.

In Zinnovate, clients are afforded a route to fresh digital business pathways, designed to deliver enhanced efficiency, transparency and global optimisation. These are scaleable solutions, bringing flexibility, agility and calm to a notoriously fragmented and shifting landscape.



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