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Liechtenstein – an Excellent FinTech  Location


The FMA is the independent financial market supervisory authority of Liechtenstein. We ensure the stability and credibility of the financial market, the protection of clients, and the prevention and prosecution of abuse. The FMA is also the competent authority for licensing and admission of financial service providers. The Liechtenstein financial centre is undergoing a thorough digital transformation process: Firstly, the business of traditional financial service providers is changing, and secondly, tech companies are entering the financial sector with digital products.

Digitalisation is a major challenge for the FMA and the financial centre. We have adopted a forward strategy to handle this challenge: The FMA understands itself as part of the digital financial ecosystem. We strive to contribute pragmatically and actively to its positive development. With our flexibility and speed, we encourage innovation and attract new financial intermediaries.

“Digitalisation is a major challenge for the FMA and the financial centre. We have adopted a forward strategy to handle this challenge.”

Liechtenstein is home to a specialized and stable financial centre with a strong international network. Banks, operating primarily in wealth management, have the greatest importance. Liechtenstein is also an attractive location for the insurance industry, asset management, the fund industry, and the fiduciary industry. By now, numerous international FinTech companies have settled in Liechtenstein.

Financial technologies are an opportunity for the Liechtenstein financial centre and the country. The FMA pursues the approach of using and designing regulation in such a way that established financial service providers and new enterprises are able to implement their business models. We offer straightforward and fast access to our authority for companies that plan to offer services in the field of FinTech.

In 2015, initiated by the Government of Liechtenstein, the FMA set up the Regulatory Laboratory (RegLab). This internal competence team deals with regulation and innovation in the field of financial technologies. At the interface between regulation and the market, the team is the contact point for companies working in FinTech. In June 2018, the FMA further strengthened the RegLab, responding to the growing number of enquiries and high level of complexity. Strengthening the RegLab is in line with the strategy articulated by the Government to promote innovations in the FinTech sector.

As a supervisory authority, the FMA deals not only with the opportunities but also with the risks of technology-based business models. It has to ensure that client protection is upheld, that trust in the financial market is maintained, and that the stability of the financial system is not put at risk. To ensure market access to the European Economic Area, business models must furthermore be compliant with European rules.

Liechtenstein is a business-friendly location and an excellent place to establish a company. The manageable size of the country entails flexibility and short decision-making channels in all matters. Since 1995, the Principality of Liechtenstein has been a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) and thus has EU-compliant regulation and full freedom to provide services in all EEA countries. Liechtenstein companies also benefit from privileged access to the Swiss economic area.