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Lithuania Introduced Unique B2B Matchmaking Tool

Lithuania Introduced Unique B2B Matchmaking Tool

Lithuania introduced a new business partnership and social networking platform “B2Lithuania” to help UK companies to get in touch with Lithuanian export enterprises and form international partnerships.

Lithuania launched a new business partnership platform “B2Lithuania,” slated to boost export and facilitate international partnerships with UK companies. The platform, which is free of charge, displays over 2,600 profiles of Lithuanian export companies operating in high-tech engineering, ICT, life sciences, and other sectors.

“B2Lithuania” platform also contains reliable information verified by Enterprise Lithuania, a non-profit entrepreneurship and export development agency established by the Ministry of  Economy and Innovation. At the same time, it displays representative details of the companies, as well as the option to arrange online meetings.

According to Rasa Uždavinytė, head of the Export Department at Enterprise Lithuania, the interactive platform will operate as a social network for UK companies looking for partners in Lithuania, rather than a conventional database.

“Last year UK companies and public corporations accounted for 74.3% of all country’s businesses”.

“Finding a reliable partner or supplier in the international market might prove challenging. This is especially true during the pandemic when the number of trade missions or exhibitions dropped and most of the available international databases are either paid or limited,” Uždavinytė said. “Search and filtering tools in “B2Lithuania” are free, and it takes only 10 minutes to fill out a request form for a product or services and send it to a potential partner. Also, UK companies can register and arrange online business meetings right away on the platform.”

The platform expands beyond conventional database
“We have conducted an extensive analysis and found out that there are similar databases all over the world, however, they are more of contact catalogs than a social network. Our platform is both a tool for business contacts and a virtual exhibition,” Uždavinytė added. “Besides, “B2Lithuania” provides information about Lithuanian exporters, and introduces our export potential as well as an overview regarding the merits of Lithuania’s high-tech engineering, ICT, food and beverages, life sciences, and other priority sectors.”

Given that certain sectors continued to grow as well—manufacturing increased by 10.7%, ICT by 1.6%—the country’s companies might additionally benefit from establishing relationships with Lithuanian businesses and mutually expanding operations in the same sectors.

UK companies can use “B2Lithuania” to get acquainted with comprehensive operation descriptions of Lithuanian businesses, representative videos, information about available permits, certificates, business capacities, and export experience. The platform also allows conducting a detailed research of Lithuanian companies, and sorting by geographical location, company size, hashtags, turnover, licenses, certificates, etc.

Over 2,600 Lithuanian exporters have registered on the platform, and the number is expected to double within the next few years. To ensure database reliability, consultants at Enterprise Lithuania check and verify information about each registered company.

Country export from a bird’s-eye view
The launch of the business matchmaking platform will be accompanied by a communication campaign, which puts a creative spin on Lithuania’s priority export sectors by introducing them from a bird’s-eye view.

“The visuals of the project campaign illustrate business attributes and services from six priority export sectors: furniture manufacturing, IT, food and beverages, life sciences, engineering, and high-tech engineering. The country’s values shine through playful characters, who interact with exporters’ products,” Uždavinytė said.

For instance, Lithuanian entrepreneurial agility and ambitious goals in the high-tech sector are represented in a race between a drone and a superhero. Likewise, agricultural strength and rapid development are reflected in a new eco-tractor, launched by one of the largest organic food producers.

Enterprise Lithuania is a non-profit agency under the Ministry of Economy and Innovation established to promote entrepreneurship, support business development, and foster export. The agency also provides assistance and advice for national businesses regarding starting up, expanding, and exporting.