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Number One for Mining Investment


Finland’s mining credentials are so striking as to be impossible to ignore. 

Its profile is higher than ever before, thanks in part to the industry, diligence and proactiveness of the relevant authorities in Finland, which are working closely with clients and partners to create solutions that lead to new technologies and business areas, as well as sustainable growth. The cumulative effect of this is to attract ever more investment interest. And this, not solely from the usual suspects in Australia and Canada, but from nearer neighbours in Europe too.

They are attracted by a geological profile which offers much that is top of the world’s shopping list at present, such that the long-term future of Finland’s mining sector is set fair, continuing a tradition that has seen this relatively small north European country punch well above its weight for decades, as it has spearheaded new technologies to extract value from low grade ores.

“More than anything, Finland’s pre-eminent status is down to its huge mineral potential, which brings with it excellent greenfield as well as brownfield opportunities for investors.”

The country scores highly on the infrastructure, fiscal, legal, governance and social fronts, and in the opinion of CEO Insight, is unarguably the number one jurisdiction for mining investment for 2019. It features ahead of anywhere in Africa, Australia, Canada, Russia, US or South America, thanks to its strong mining cluster with operational mines, exceptionally strong mining technology expertise, peerless education and support systems, political stability, excellent infrastructure and accessibility, as well as the robust regulation and legislation in place. In addition, its vast tracts of unpopulated land means there is rarely conflict over land use.

More than anything, Finland’s pre-eminent status is down to its huge mineral potential, which brings with it excellent greenfield as well as brownfield opportunities for investors. This is likely to translate into between €3 to 5 billion in investment in the decade to 2025 through mine expansions, new developments and exploration. Interested parties are advised to turn their attentions to the ‘Land of the Thousand Lakes’ if they want a piece of the action.

Of particular note is the increasing public and private engagement with projects all along the Lithium-ion supply chain, which feeds into the current vehicle electrification revolution impacting the automotive sector, where reliable supplies of all materials necessary for mass battery production have become highly prized. In Finland’s case, the huge potential it displays around cobalt spells excellent news for all stakeholders on this front.

Beyond this, however, Finland is highly prospective in all manner of precious and base metals, with outcomes from a team of international analysts’ recent visit to Finland echoing this sentiment. Meanwhile, the country’s prowess around technological innovations is as strong as ever, as it continues to break new ground around increased automation, ore sorting, mechanised cutting, soda leaching, and renewable energy.

The country’s Fennoscandian shield, for example, offers massive potential, enhanced by the fact that the area remains largely unexplored, yet has been comprehensively mapped. In this way, there are readily available geological data sets for exploration and mining companies to interpret in concert with Finnish experts, to inform their decisions on where to pinpoint resources.

At present then, numerous factors are combining to make Finland synonymous with the best mining ROI in the world.


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