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Exploring Malta’s Residency Programmes: A Gateway To A Better Future

Malta Residency

Investment migration has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity. Successful individuals together with their family are on the hunt for better places to secure their future. Reasons may vary from seeking better education for their children, better work life balance, easier mobility, new business opportunities, and a myriad of other reasons. Simultaneously, the boom in remote work has turned the dream of working from anywhere into a thrilling reality. These shifts have sparked soaring demand for global mobility, with more people eager to relocate their families and their businesses.

Malta, a gem in the heart of the Mediterranean, which has long been a coveted destination for its rich history, stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, has positioned itself as an attractive hub for non-European families, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs through its three flagship programmes offered by Residency Malta Agency: the Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP), the Nomad Residence Permit, and the Startup Residence Programme.


View of Valletta, the capital of Malta

Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP)
The MPRP is the cornerstone of Malta’s residency offerings, allowing families to establish Malta as their permanent second home through a residency-by-investment pathway. This programme stands out with unique features, including the option to lease property, offering flexibility in selecting a preferred location for future purchase. It’s ideal for family relocation, accommodating up to four generations in a single application. Additionally, future spouses and grandchildren can be included after the application process, further enhancing its appeal for long-term family planning.

Applicants must invest in property, make a government contribution, pay an administrative fee and make a donation to a local registered non-governmental organisation. Moreover, applicants must have €500,000 in capital assets, out of which €150,000 must be liquid assets. Managed by Residency Malta Agency, the application process involves a multi-tier due diligence exercise ensuring only fit and proper individuals are approved. This rigorous vetting process maintains the programme’s integrity and reputation.

“Recognising the vital role of innovation and entrepreneurship in economic growth, Malta’s Startup Residence Programme is designed to attract visionary entrepreneurs and startups to the island.”

The MPRP is among the most popular European residency programmes, offering exceptional value for money. With a competitive financial outlay, it provides permanent residency from day one to successful applicants following rigorous due diligence checks, visa-free access across Schengen countries for 90 out of 180 days, and access to excellent education opportunities, reputable healthcare, and varied business prospects.

Nomad Residence Permit
The Nomad Residence Permit is Malta’s answer to the rising demand for flexible, location-independent work options. Tailored for remote workers, this permit grants digital nomads and their immediate family members the chance to work from Malta while keeping their employment abroad. This temporary residence permit is issued for one year, with the possibility of renewing it up to three times, allowing for up to four years of stay on the beautiful islands. Applicants must earn a minimum of €42,000 in annual gross income and pass a background verification check.

Following which digital nomads are free to immerse themselves in the Maltese culture and lifestyle,  while working from anywhere on the Island and enjoying  the Mediterranean climate, robust digital infrastructure and vibrant expat community. Malta truly is an ideal location for balancing work and leisure.

Malta Startup Residence Programme
Recognising the vital role of innovation and entrepreneurship in economic growth, Malta’s Startup Residence Programme is designed to attract visionary entrepreneurs and their startups to the island. This programme is ideal for individuals seeking to establish and grow their business in a supportive, business-friendly environment.

The programme offers non-EU  founders, co-founders, core employees, and their families with as little as a €25,000 capital investment a three-year residence permit, extendable for an additional five years. In partnership with Malta Enterprise, the programme provides expert assessment of startup viability, along with robust support, funding opportunities, and a nurturing ecosystem for new businesses to thrive.

CEO INSIGHT SUMMER 24These programmes offer significant value to new residents while channelling foreign investment into the Maltese economy. Contributions made by beneficiaries of the MPRP go to the Consolidated Fund, which is utilised to finance projects that improve various areas of Maltese society, ultimately benefiting both citizens and new residents.

The influx of high-net-worth individuals and innovative startups  increases demand for local services, and fosters economic diversification. Digital nomads, with their daily expenditures, also contribute to the local economy, whilst introducing new skills and perspectives that enrich the community.

Ensuring the integrity of these residency programmes is paramount. Residency Malta places a strong emphasis on due diligence checks to maintain the highest standards of security and trust. Each application undergoes a rigorous vetting process ensuring that only reputable and eligible individuals are granted Maltese residency.

A digital customer experience
To ensure the programmes remain effective and efficient, Residency Malta routinely updates its procedures, making necessary adjustments Concurrently, the Agency is undergoing a digital transformation, automating process flows to preserve data integrity, enhance efficiency, while giving added value to clients and licensed agents.

Recently, the Nomad Residence Permit application process was made fully online, and similar systems are being developed for the Malta Permanent Residence Programme application. These investments aim to make the application process more user-friendly and accessible, reducing processing times and enhancing overall transparency.

CEO INSIGHT SUMMER 24Malta: your future home
While these programmes offer several competitive benefits and customer-oriented services, their real attraction is Malta itself. The country’s strategic Mediterranean location, rich history, family-oriented culture, welcoming people, and English-speaking society create an unbeatable combination. The country is renowned for its safe environment, excellent educational opportunities, and top-quality healthcare services.

Malta’s residency programmes offer a wealth of opportunities for individuals and families seeking a new home in Europe, digital nomads looking for a vibrant base, and entrepreneurs aiming to launch their ventures in a dynamic environment. Each programme is meticulously designed to provide unique benefits while contributing positively to Malta’s economy. Whether you’re seeking permanent residence, a nomadic lifestyle, or a startup haven, Malta welcomes you with open arms to experience its Mediterranean charm and endless possibilities.

For more information about Residency Malta’s Programmes visit www.residencymalta.gov.mt