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Enigio-Stockholm’s Finest


Enigio Time AB is an innovation company founded in Stockholm 2012.

Consisting of senior developers, researchers and experienced business enablers, all with a long history in the financial tech as well as archival science and tech, it is passionate about providing solutions enabling secure and available digital data in more digitized business processes.

Its mission is to offer innovative solutions to ensure consistency, integrity and traceability of digital information, as well as making data available only to those that should have access to it and protecting it from manipulation. In addition, it seeks to create independent proof that cannot be manipulated to show what happened, when, and in what order.​

​Enigio’s solutions are built on blockchain technology and the principles of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that sees no central administrator or centralised data storage.

It offers a digital notary service, constituting an independent and irrefutable timestamp solution built on blockchain technology for proving integrity and traceability attributes of digital data, cloud solutions for ingesting, converting, organising and storing data for the long term, as well as revolutionary new ways to create, handle or authenticate digital originals.

To ensure provision of a robust qualified time:stamp service over time, rather than relying exclusively on Bitcoin, multiple references are added into one new chain, helping to ensure that a digital verification entered into its blockchain or linked-scheme is immutable.

This introduction of a ‘Blockchain Aggregator’ provides easy and low cost access to the advantages of using Bitcoin as a tamperproof ledger, without having to build one’s own blockchain publication service ‘in-house’. In addition, it leads to higher granularity with precise proof, powerful traceability with more easily verifiable proof, as well as enhanced scope for monitoring, where the chain of proof is continuously validated and parties alerted if integrity is compromised.

The various applications encompass Enigio Integrated time:stamp, which allows for the obtaining of a continuous and integrated secure time-stamping of all transactions across IT systems, while Enigio time:stamp can be used to prove copyright of work, or to retrospectively prove the content of a document.

​Essentially, all types of files, be they documents, images, audio files, can get a unique digital fingerprint and a time stamp, that, through the help of mathematical formulas creates proof that is independent of Enigio and cannot be manipulated.

In addition, Enigio time:grab, allows for easily time-stamping a picture of an entire web page as it looked at a specific moment, collecting important metadata in the process, while Enigio time:shot offers the ability to take a photo and then prove that it was taken at a specific time, at a specific location and that the picture has not been tampered with since.

Finally, Enigio time:mail provides evidence of email sending or receipt at a specific time, the identity of the other party, and how the email looked when it was sent or received.

Headed up by CEO, Goren Almgren Enigio is going places fast, and has recently forged what is looking like a highly fruitful partnership with Zinnovate to find business opportunities for Enigio’s blockchain based solutions within the shipping industry, since the applications around freight and logistics are profound.

For more information visit www.enigio.com.