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We talk pandemics, trade finance and the potential Euro Exim bank can offer with Graham Bright, Head – Compliance and Operations

Graham Bright

CEO Insight: Trade finance is at the core of Euro Exim Banks (EEB) portfolio of products and services. Last year was full of possibilities, with speed, reliability and security at the core of the banks trade finance offering. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has had far reaching consequences, altering the goods consumers want, the goods they need and what defines luxuries and necessities. How has this impacted what your customers want and what solutions you can offer?

Graham Bright: Covid-19 has decimated some business, but has also presented many opportunities for companies, as international trade continues, even with difficulties obtaining finance and currency. At EEB, we are seeing an increase in the amount of proposed business in our target markets   as many of the larger banks are not currently able to support smaller corporates. With a diverse team geographically, currently represented in 24 countries, we have seen an explosion of interest, traffic and proposals coming our way as we offer very competitive rates, a unique, trusted service with gearing for repeat business.

“The rates that EEB offer, alongside its speed of service and trust engendered with our clients sets us apart.”

Fraud in Trade Finance

Trade finance involves cross border transactions, both financial and physical, along with diverse players, languages, jurisdictions and other variables. This makes it attractive to fraudsters and financial criminals. Therefore, it is the duty of every responsible trade finance provider to take necessary steps to mitigate the risk of fraud. At Euro Exim Bank, we take […]

Increased Trade Opportunities Between India & USA Soon

The US is India’s top trading partner, but the two have not entered into any new trade agreements in the recent past. In fact, India has not entered into any trade agreements since 2012, largely due to internal politics. Most recently, India turned down an opportunity to be part of the landmark RCEP (Region for […]

China Vs. India: Demographic Milestones

China and India are long-time rivals, competing against each other in almost every sphere. They are not only Asia’s largest economies but also the world’s most populous countries, and India is just about set to take the lead in this area. When this happens, it will be one of the biggest demographic milestones in world […]

Facilitating Global Trade With Novel Financial Services

The prominence of payments in the global financial services system has undeniably risen over the last few years. In fact, the traditional payment methods have massively transformed to reach its current position, i.e. towards cashless payment systems. Recently, a crypto revolution has taken place in speed and acceptance of real-time payments, enabling cryptocurrency to decrease […]

What Are The Importing Procedure For Electrical Machinery, Telecommunications Equips, Sound Recorders And Parts

In order to import Electrical Machinery & Equipment and Parts, Telecommunications Equip., Sound Recorders, Television Recorders, the importer should have a test report from a credited laboratory authorized or governed by importing country is required. A sample of imported Electrical Machinery & Equip and Parts, Telecommunications Equip., Sound Recorders, Television Recorders is given as per the procedures and rules of importing country and submits […]

Exporting To Dubai – What You Need To Know

Dubai is possibly the world’s re-export hub, making it a highly attractive destination for exporters. It is also a very attractive market for all kinds of goods, and the country is heavily reliant on imports. Thus, whether you are exporting to the UAE for consumption within the Emirates or for re-export to other countries in […]

Can Fintechs Help Indian Msmes Compete With The Chinese?

It’s a matter of history that China and India have had a fraught connection for many years. Politics tensions have naturally had economic repercussions; but, India has coped gratefulness to an extended self-direction history. That self-direction stood us in a suitable place during the years. Cut to here, and the Covid-19 pandemic has brought an […]

Types Of Risks In International Trade

Businesses concerned in international Trade have to ride out risks regionally and different business development risks like ethics, transportation, belongings, credit, currency, and a big deal a lot of. These risks will hamper the trade’s posh running, and in the future, applicable actions got to be used to bind their possessions. Intellectual Capital Risk:- This […]

Indian Pharma Exports May Cross $25 Billion This Fiscal Year

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has risen to the occasion in every way possible as experts say the pharmaceutical exports may cross $25 billion this fiscal year 2020-2021. The Indian industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years. The exports for medicine and other goods for the last fiscal year 2019-2020 was over $20.5 billion. […]

Ripples in Fintech

Euro Exim Bank is an international financial institution headquartered in St. Lucia in the West Indies, holding a Class ‘A’ license, with a representative office in London. We serve corporate clients and import businesses around the globe, facilitating issuance and relay of trade finance instructions. In today’s rapidly growing international markets, marked by the ever-growing […]

The Crypto Finance Revolution

The digitisation of value, driven by blockchain technology, could be the most transformative theme of the 21st century in finance. In addition to creating digital currencies, blockchain technology has many other uses. One of the most important is in the ownership of digital assets. Increasingly, blockchain technology is playing a role in the tracking and […]

Chairman’s Message

Euro Exim Bank, facilitators of global trade, is well-equipped to service corporates and SME’s in these unprecedented times, with our innovative blockchain enabled SimpleX trade platform with immutable information gathering and sharing, and supporting Ripple real-time payments and frictionless low liquidity transactions with underlying XRP cryptocurrency. Today, with growth of business volume and credibility, and […]

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