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Technopark Liechtenstein: Giving Start-ups Wings

Technopark Liechtenstein

Although located in the heart of Europe, Liechtenstein remains a mystery to many. Yes, it’s alpine, and yes, it’s a principality, if you know what that is. Liechtenstein is also one of the smallest countries in Europe, stretching only 24km from end to end and barely 12km across. Its national anthem has the same melody as God Save The Queen, and it capital Vaduz is home to just 5,000 inhabitants. So, what else? What goes on there economically?

Well, Liechtenstein has a strong export-oriented industry and a stable economy. The country’s post-war era saw a lengthy economic boom that transformed Liechtenstein from an agrarian state to a modern country with a diversified economy in just a few decades. The highly specialised industrial companies based in Liechtenstein today compete on a global level, with manufacturing playing an important role.

As a European Free Trade Association member, Liechtenstein has direct access to the EU and Switzerland and has an ideal infrastructure for start-ups. The country is small, but that’s a plus. It is easier to establish companies and build and launch products thanks to new legal incorporation formats created by the government. It makes building success a lot easier, all in a little place known for its medieval castles, alpine landscapes and beautiful villages.

“As a European Free Trade Association member, Liechtenstein has direct access to the EU and Switzerland and has an ideal infrastructure for start-ups.”

Technopark Liechtenstein is an important element of the country’s appeal. It is creative co-working space and network for start-ups. Part of the Swiss Technopark Alliance, its residents have access to a network of coaches, universities and capital investors. Technopark offers a unique combination comprising its great location, economic links to Europe and Switzerland, and connection to Swiss universities as part of the Technopark Alliance network. It is more than just a building – it’s a meeting place for start-ups and entrepreneurs from all fields.

Technopark guides its start-ups and helps with business plans and legal and financial questions, such as those concerning taxes and capital. It offers additional help through two financing models: seed financing and growth financing. One of the economic strengths of Liechtenstein is based on the country’s banks as well as funds and capital from private and public enterprises, which together constitute a major potential source of start-up financing.

Technopark focuses on four key areas. Its founders are committed to the consistent implementation of an innovative mix of business sectors. At the same time, these sectors reflect the selection criteria for the inclusion of start-ups in the Technopark. Of specific interest are start-ups that want to enter the areas of communications and security technology, packaging, environmental and recycling industries, measurement and control technology, as well as automation and FinTech.

As a member of the Swiss Technopark Alliance, Technopark Liechtenstein is linked to the resources of internationally renowned universities. In conjunction with the coaches who assist and advise Technopark members, this opens up a broad field for cooperation and the development of joint projects. Swissparks.ch is the national association of incubators and technology parks. Founded in 2000, it comprises about 40 members, including 27 full members hosting over 1,000 innovative companies, with a fast-growing number of associated members.

Among the companies based in Technopark Liechtenstein is myLucy. It develops contemporary insurance solutions and is among the companies behind the online registration portal www.e-zulassung.at and the pay-per-kilometre insurance model www.cleverdrive.com, which is currently in the financing phase. myLucy relies on complete digitalisation with a clear focus on benefit to the customer, and in this way it is managing to implement modern communication, technology and marketing in the change-resistant insurance industry.

Also in Technopark Liechtenstein, NEX is a platform for high-performance decentralised exchange and payment. It aims to combine the performance of centralised exchanges with the trust and security properties of decentralised exchanges. The system consists of three main components: an off-chain trade matching engine, a smart contract where trades are executed, and a payment service where global assets such as NEO and GAS can be converted to tokens that can be transferred directly by smart contracts, making them compatible with the exchange.

To get a place in Technopark, you need to start a conversation with the management. How large is your team? How many workspaces do you need and when? After checking availability, Technopark will send out an application form to find out additional details about the business owners and model. Following this, Technopark will verify the information and then the selection is made by the board.

Technopark’s main supporter is the government of Liechtenstein. Companies from local industry are supporting the Technopark as well. Munich is only three hours away by car, and Zurich only one hour, Milano only 3.5 hours. European cities like London, Barcelona or Prague can be reached within two hours via Zurich airport. Those leasing space in Technopark will find an extensive infrastructure, including public transportation and access to businesses, even on weekends. With the Rhine river, forests, sports facilities, mountains, hiking trails, and ski resorts, Liechtenstein offers more possibilities than any city park.

For more information: www.technopark-liechtenstein.li

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