Elite Capital & Co. The New Giant in the Troubled World of Finance

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The world of finance has witnessed in the last five years an remarkable change in the form of finance market, banking and the concept of finance itself, due to the problems faced by the global economy, created by international policies and brought about by the devastating wars that have destroyed the infrastructure of many countries after having crushed the populations of those countries.


By comparing the years between 2010 and 2015, one can hardly fail to notice that the role of medium-sized and large-sized banks has declined in terms of both significance and effect in the lending and funding markets at various levels, from personal lending, through corporate lending on to lending to sovereign entities such as states and governments. 

Banking Competition

Written by Garrett Brandon. Posted in Finance

In  a 'the gloves are off' move, the UK's Competition and Market Authority has launched an investigation into the state of competition within the British banking industry, pledging to do whatever it takes to bring real competition.

Concerned that the UK's biggest banks are not properly meeting the needs of consumers and SMEs, the UK's Competition and Market Authority (CMA) has kicked off a full scale inquiry into aspects of the industry, which could ultimately force a partial break-up of the main banks.

Bank Aims to Access All Areas

Written by Amaechi Okobi Head, Strategic Brand Management Corporate Communications Access Bank. Posted in Finance

Access Bank is a leading African bank, operating 366 branches and over 1000 ATMs in major centres across Nigeria and with subsidiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK. For over 26 years the bank has been providing leading corporates, SMEs and retail customers with the highest standards of speed, service and security in its banking offering while delivering exceptional returns for its 800,000 shareholders. As part of our five year strategic plan launched in 2012 we have been driven by an ambitious, yet we believe achievable goal to become the world’s most respected African bank. Following the successful acquisition of Intercontinental Bank in 2012, we have continuously sought to build our capacity to meet the needs of our existing customers and to build our customer base further as we develop our presence in the retail banking sector.

Get Ahead of the Crowd

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Elite Capital‘s  flexible solutions to international financing  

Numerous new companies emerge in the global markets and operate in the fields of banking and finance. However their existence and continuity depend on their ability to provide investment and financing solutions, given the present situation of the deteriorating global economy and cut-throat competition among the major nations. The ability to provide solutions that take the relevant factors into account is critical to the short and medium-term development and survival of such companies. Amid the economic turbulence we see around us, Elite Capital & Co. Limited emerged in 2012 in the world of economics and money in a new creative way with a mission to provide flexible and innovative financing solutions that challenge the abilities of giant global banks in the field of financing commercial, economic, infrastructure  and sustained development projects. From its inception to the year 2015, Elite Capital & Co. maintained a remarkable and steady progress, and is an icon of contemporary business. The following is a brief overview of its innovative solutions.

BBVA Bancomer Eyes Private Wealth

Written by Javier Diez Jenkin Head of Wealth Management at BBVA Bancomer. Posted in Finance

Mexican bank sets up new unit catering to ultra-high net worth individuals

The world today is in constant, rapid transformation, and this brings major opportunities for those who are prepared and have the best support. In this context, having extraordinary financial advice plus the right tools to act on it is fundamental. Having knowledge, availability, connectivity and efficiency remains a crucial advantage. To provide this support, BBVA Bancomer has launched a private banking service for ultra-high net worth individuals. With this new service, the bank aims to go beyond conventional ways of doing business and provide an unprecedented experience among today’s financial institutions.

Chile – Latin America’s Business Hot Spot

Written by Henry Martin . Posted in Finance

Chile is Latin America’s most competitive economy and is attracting ever increasing foreign investment

Chile possesses the best economy in Latin America and one of the best among emerging economies worldwide. Its sustained economic growth and social progress have been highlighted by several international organisations and, in 2010, it became the first South American country to join the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Chilean Banking Industry: Big Opportunities

Written by Daniel Subelman-Banco Penta. Posted in Finance

The banking industry has been fundamental to the Chilean economy and has played a key role in the country´s development, especially in recent decades since the economic and financial crisis of 1982. 

The 1982 crisis was one of the worst in the country’s history. Its impact on the Chilean economy, both short and long term, was far greater than that of the financial crisis of 2008. At the beginning of the 1980s, numerous Chilean banks were seized, some of which were nationalised and others dissolved. GDP fell by 13.6% in 1982, the sharpest drop since the global recession of 1929. Subsequently, the unemployment rate moved over the 20% threshold, where it remained for several years.

Gaza conflict brings GDP forecast cut in Israel as inflation falls to zero

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Israel has reduced its growth forecast to 2.4% for 2014, Bloomberg has reported, as the country's inflation rate collapsed to zero in August. Israel's economy has been hit hard by fighting in the Gaza strip, as domestic consumption slowed and the number of tourist visitors dropped dramatically. Bloomberg quoted an Israeli government official as saying that the economy will expand 2.4% in 2014 rather than the 2.9% forecast in July. Output is set to grow by 2.8% in 2015, down from an earlier forecast of 3%. Meanwhile, Israel's inflation rate fell to zero in August according to official data, below the government's official inflation target range, which is between 1% and 3%. 

africa Ready for Investment Boom

Written by Howard Byrom. Posted in Finance

With more investors looking past the BRIC countries for the next big emerging market opportunities, Africa is ready for an investment boom. There are several challenges when it comes to investing in Africa, including unemployment, poverty, corruption and conflict. All of these are genuine obstacles to the business environment, but Africa’s economic foundations have been strengthening. Developed economies are only just shaking off the side-effects of the global economic downturn of 2008-2009, but Africa recovered quickly and is now displaying strong economic fundamentals.

Africa’s Lions Set to Roar

Written by Martin Gold. Posted in Finance

A 20-year surge in growth in Africa indicating that the world’s poorest continent is coming to terms with its challenges has raised the prospect of the African lion economies emulating the Asian tiger economies in the 21st century. Africa’s advantages include enormous untapped resources, a youthful population and an expanding middle-class. Of course, it should not be forgotten that there a still a few problems to be resolved, including poverty and inequality, Islamist militant violence and poor infrastructure.

Data assembled by the African Development Bank lends support to the theory that Africa is on the rise: Average life expectancy increased to 58 in 2011 from 37 in 1950, and primary school enrolment rose to 77% in 2011 from 52% in 1990. Last July, the International Monetary Fund estimated that sub-Saharan Africa’s economies will grow by 5.4% this year and 5.8% in 2015 compared to 1.7% and 3% in the US.


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