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An interview with Issa Abdul Salam Abu-Issa  the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Salam International Investments Ltd

Based in Qatar, Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL) is a leading conglomerate with a highly focused approach to establishing, incorporating, acquiring, and owning enterprises. It has a track record of consistent entrepreneurship, innovation, performance, reliability and customer satisfaction. SIIL aims to become one of the most successful diversified public companies in the Middle East and an inspiring example for regional family groups.

New Finance Solutions

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Interview with Dr. Faisal Khazaal of Elite capital & Co Ltd

1. Can you give us a brief overview of the company’s history and the type of clients it works with?

Elite Capital’s history actually goes back to four years before its incorporation. Following my decision in 2005 and 2006 to move Deals Secure Group Holding Co. GP to the USA,  and shortly afterwards my decision to move Dr. Faisal Khazaa, LLD. Law Group LP, a unique professional relationship was forged between our Law Group and the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Orthodox Church, under which we became their legal adviser in the Americas in 2009.

Get the knowledge

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An interview with Javier Diez Head of Wealth Management at BBVA Bancomer

BBVA Bancomer is the largest financial institution in Mexico, with about 20% market share. Founded in 1932 as Banco de Comercio (Bancomer), its main stockholder has been Spanish bank BBVA since 2000. BBVA Bancomer, through its preferred customers' unit, was the first bank in Mexico to cater to the special needs of foreign residents and visitors. Now, with Latin America fast emerging as a financial centre for private banking, BBVA Bancomer is targeting a new generation of high-net-worth individuals who want to protect and, ultimately, expand their wealth. We talked to the bank about its new unit for wealthy individuals. 

An interview with Herbert Wigwe, Group Managing Director, Access Bank Plc

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 Over the past 26 years, Access Bank Plc has evolved from being an obscure Nigerian Bank into a world-class  African financial institution. Today, it is one of the five largest banks in Nigeria in terms of assets, loans, deposits  and branch network, a status that has been achieved through strong long-term approach to client solutions.  Access Bank has built its strength and success in corporate banking and is now taking that expertise and  applying it to the personal and business banking platform following its acquisition of Intercontinental Bank in  2012. The last two years have been spent integrating the business, investing in infrastructure and strengthening  the product offering.

Impact Investing

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The World Economic Forum’s report, Charting the Course: How Mainstream Investors can Design Visionary and Pragmatic Impact Investing Strategies, offers actionable guidance to get double-bottom line returns.

Contains actionable roadmaps which help interested mainstream investors explore and make impact investments across asset classes given best-practices and lessons-learned from experienced impact investors.

CEOs and CIOs from top financial institutions were instrumental in the creation of this report – including those of Deloitte, UBS AG, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, Zurich Insurance Group, Caxton Associates and PensionDanmark – showing that impact investing has become a priority for such institutions.

New York, USA, 16 September 2014 – Charting the Course: How Mainstream Investors can Design Visionary and Pragmatic Impact Investing Strategies, is the culmination of a year-long research effort with investors to demonstrate concrete strategies for how for-profit companies can create transformational positive social impact.






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The 48th annual FELABAN assembly takes place in Medellín, Colombia, on November 15-18, 2014                                                       

The FELABAN Annual Assembly is Latin America’s largest and most prestigious international gathering of senior managers from banks and financial institutions from throughout the region. The conference brings together more than 1,800 bankers from 51 different countries. The vast majority of Latin American banks will be represented at the assembly, as will the largest banks in America, Europe and Asia that maintain business relationships with banks in the region.


The purpose of the meeting is to share a working agenda, conduct business meetings and learn the latest trends in banking and financial affairs. It is an event that provides a meeting and working place that allows the financial institutions of Latin America to take decisions. Likewise, it is an event designed for sharing a joint working agenda that allows attendees the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge developments in banking and financial services at institutions in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia.

The event is being organised by Asobancaria, the representative guild of the Colombian financial sector. Speakers will include Randall Kroszner, former governor of the Federal Reserve of the United States; Jose Dario Uribe, general manager of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia; Fernando Tenjo, director of the Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies; Mario Blejer, former president of the Central Bank of Argentina; and Germán Vargas Lleras, vice president of Colombia.



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Insight speaks with Tomasz Tykierko, president of Wrocław- based Lower Silesia Agency of Economic Co-operation.

Insight: What’s the secret of Lower Silesia’s economic success?

Tomasz Tykierko :In a word – investors. Just look at the international corporations and companies that have settled in Lower Silesia. Among the first in 1995 was the Volvo Group, and today Volvo Poland has two factories – buses and backhoe loaders – service centres and a sales network. Lower Silesia is lucky when it comes to the automotive industry. We managed to convince Toyota Corporation to begin investing in Lower Silesia in 1999. Later, the Volkswagen Group, as well as Bridgestone and Wabco, were attracted by the benefits offered by Lower Silesia.

Bottom ups

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Equity for Punks is, as the name suggests, an unconventional business model for raising capital where shareholding has never been so exciting, innovative and inclusive. In 2007, James Watt and Martin Dickie, spurred on by the saturation of mass-market beers and the absence of high-quality tipples on the market, began fermenting their own. Think two 24 year olds – bored with the same dull ales and beers being offered in the same dull pubs, day in, day out. Welcome BrewDog. 

The World’s Youngest Billionaires

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Meet the world’s youngest billionaires.  According to Forbes magazine,   of the world's 1,426 billionaires, there are 29 under the age of 40. These 29 young billionaires are worth a total of $119 billion. Ten of them have built their fortunes in the technology sector(four at social networking giant Facebook) and several others are heirs to massive fortunes. Here is a selection of the very richest of these enviably successful and minted youngsters. 

Mark Zuckerberg (Age 28. Net Worth: $13.3 billion)

The Sochi Project

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The world has long harboured a fascination with Russia: the vastness, the politics, the wealth, the poverty, its resources, diversity, monotony, and spirit. From Kaliningrad in the west across the Eurasian landmass to Ratmanov Island in the Baring Strait, the country is difficult enough to comprehend for it’s natives – but what about a foreigner?

Rob Hornstra is that outsider. He began photographing Russia as a student travelling from Netherlands and has continued his task ever since. Characterised by engaging rawness, his images and fresh approach has forced a re-appraisal of a nation in flux. However, publishers were initially cold to Hornstra’s images of post-Soviet Russian life and rejected his book proposals. This forced him to self publish in order to getting his photographs seen by the wider public. He’s never looked back.

Hornstra launches his limited edition Sketchbook Series this autumn under umbrella with writer Arnold Van Bruggen. We caught up with him to find out more…


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